Friday, January 10, 2014

Dating machines.

Hey. You there. Yes, you.

Either you're already back in school like we are, or you're heading back very soon.  In any case, we know that the confusing universe of dating and relationships is a huge part of college life. We also know that you were asked more times over the holidays than you'd care to think about by various friends and family members about your dating life.

We're here to instruct you on how to turn your dating life from Pretty Pathetic to Super Successful by following just a few easy steps:

As mentioned, these methods are tried and true and are the results of wildly extensive research. One of us even worked at Victoria's Secret in the pursuit of science (also they gave sweet discounts but this isn't about that). Don't take our word for it, let these nifty charts give you all the proof you'll need:

 So there ya have it, folks. We strongly believe that if you'll take our advice, you'll have no problem attracting a dashing young suitor to fall head over heels for your charming and clever self. Wedding season is only 4 short months away, after all. Happy dating!


Birdie & Holls

P.S. One of our solid tips was about social media stalking. I trust you remember this from our educational video. Let it be known to one and all that we also invite this kind of stalking behavior on our own social media sites as well.  I mean, don't get yourselves into a criminal, restraining order type situation, but seriously....check us out. Links to the right. plz&thx.

Alright I think we're done here.