Friday, January 31, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Friday: All Velvet Everything

Yes. We covered the world of luxurious and glam fashions last week in honor of the annual Sundance Festival.

But we're just barely into award season, so if you think we're done fangirling over the fancy and fabulous fashions of the rich and'd be wrong on an awkward number of levels.

The fabric of ~FAME~

Jackets: The most absurdly upscale brand you can imagine and definitely NOT the DI we mean it.
This particular textile has been around for AGES. I mean...
King Louis XIV I feel you so much man thx a million for all the fashions homie
 but it has since the 17th century been adapted into countless new silhouettes that should, nay, MUST be used in order to effectively display power, status, and ultimately fine taste.

I own all of these. #HMU if you want to borrow.
dead serious if you didn't rock one of these in LITERALLY every color back in 8th grade there's a good chance we won't have any horribly awkward adolescent stories to share at our next sleepover and if that's the case I'm thinking the chance of a good friendship might really be slim to none #sorry
So, clearly we can see that velvet is among the most versatile fabrics one can wear, so how can we take it from "runway" to "hallway"?
Channel your inner middle-aged secretary of the 1980s, of course!
Going with one of our chosen looks of the day, you can really do no wrong.

Pay attention to the little details, such as an intricate embroidered sleeve (but not Holls' split ends. Focus on the artwork here, folks). or even throw on a pair of velvet pants AND velvet shoes to complete the look. No such thing as too much in this case. Ever.

And remember, the more ill-fitting, the better. If dudes can still get by with saggy pants, surely I don't have to get my $5 (I mean $5,000) blazer tailored. No sir.

So, during these next few weeks when we're bombarded by the lives of the rich and famous, channel your own inner diva and invest in some new ~fancy~ velvet pieces. You'll be glad you did.

Nate Archibald wholeheartedly approves this message.

Go forth and be fabulous,
Birdie & Holls