Friday, January 24, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Fridays: Fur-eaking Fabulous.

Honestly, did you expect anything less than fabulous from us?

Birdie and I recently had the chance to frolic around the Sundance Film Festival earlier this week and besides walking down the street with Selena Gomez (chasing/fangirling) we noticed some fashion trends we NEEDED to share with the rest of you folks. You, too, can stay ahead of the curve. Just follow our lead.

1.The most important thing you’ll ever own is any type of fur

ugh 50 i feel you
Of course, no A-lister there was actually wearing any kind of fur, but the rest of the pretentious peasants that lurked the streets were all about wanting to get scouted and made sure they looked the part (hopefully by not killing any real animals because we’re not about that life. save the whales etc etc.)

Blue alternative fur: way too expensive at the thrift store
cool brown fur: priceless
2. In order to appear as subtly famous as possible, plz wear floppy hats and large sunglasses to blend in with the crowd

Holly Golightly is that u bby i can't tell??
who are these indviduals??
*For extra fashion, add sparkles to the edges of your glasses
3. last but not least, wearing heels for hours which will most definitely cause permanent damage that strangely alludes to the past Chinese tradition of foot binding for women to have smaller feet in order to appear more how you become famous. Trust us.

this was just necessary for you to see.
nailed it.
probably flirting with a celeb with these on.

So, there you have it folks, our outfits of the day. Dress like this casually and you'll stand out just enough to be questioned as a celebrity without the hassle of actually being one (which is all that anyone wants, anyway. You're welcome).

****side note: also start speaking in a British accent. 10/10 would recommend. If not to throw people off, to see how spot on your Hermione impression is.