Friday, January 17, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Fridays: PUFFS

So, a note about fashion.
It's freezing outside.
We all know it. Nobody can avoid it.
We'd all much rather stay wrapped up in our abysmally small twin beds
that we all spent 75+ bucks on making comfortable with memory foam.
We also want our moms there to feed us soup and whatnot,
and then to go away and not control our lives beyond that.
Unless we call our parents on the phone and beg them to tell us how to do everything.

Anyway. We have a solution.
Take your comforter outside WITH YOU in JACKET FORM.
YES! A positively REVOLUTIONARY solution!!
We present to you here on this gorgeous first 
(faux) fashion friday:

The 90s puff.
It's like a blanket and a snuggy, all rolled into one gorgeous, warm, bulky and, above all, 
BULKY (did I say bulky?) package.
See below for our featured runway vs. everyday comparison on the subject:

(everybody say thaaaaaaaaank you to our very own Holls, our model for the evening!)
-striking a pose-

-playing coy-
Watch: $10 Walmart (or $50 at American Apparel. Take your pick)
puff: $4 thrift store. has the name "Kellen" written inside. Thx Kellen.
*make sure your socks never match your outfit plz
Puffs that make you look like the ski patrol are the most preferred
leggings are pants we've been over this
if I told you that these boots are from skechers would I be judged out of the interwebz
tbh we should start a look book
slept in that grey shirt.

This look is also brought to you by our friends from the popular media// puff RUNWAY EDITION:

-Jane Krakowski shows us that a baby bump will hold nobody back from ultimate fabulousness
-Some male fashion model (feel free to provide name if you know it bc idk w/e) shows us a sleek model
-for extra coverage you need look no further than this handy top-half-only puff cocoon-
-If George Costanza wears it, we approve-
-"Your random belongings (cell phone, lip gloss, 95 candy wrappers, etc.) will thank you for the wealth of warmth they've never before understood could be possible thanks to my puff bag designs" -Karl Lagerfeld

...........nuff said.

So there you have it....
I think you get the point, so you can get back to your Friday night
(but LOL pretty sure that one's already shot since you're HERE reading)

She's running a bit late, but Mrs. Puff approves of this message.