Monday, January 27, 2014

MM: Grammys

Quick question.
What kinda Music Monday would this be (what kind of BLOGGERS would we be honestly)
if we didn't have an opinion on last night's award show?
That's what we thought.

Neither of us currently have live TV available at our apartments, so buckle your seat belts. 
It's time for
This list is comprehensive and we had opinions on all performances, so if you particularly care/don't care about a specific one just do your thing.

Let's start from the top. It's our one and only Queen B (and husband) so I don't think anyone should have a problem with this performance and if you do we're totally done here.

How is she real? I mean HOW does she look and sound like perfection in every single thing she does. My mind can't wrap around it.
And OMG she and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy just love each other too too much.
Can't handle.
And they have enough Grammy's between the two of them to just hand one to baby Blue for funsies.
Stopping here bc I'm dead.

Next up: Lorde.
All we gotta say is that we need the name and number of her manicurist.

But real talk. 2+ Grammys during her first year of existence essentially and she's only 17.
We've got at least 4 years on this girl and we can't even decide on a time to record our first real music vid together.
We'll still be her best friend though as long as she doesn't make us wear her black lipstick. 

Hunter Hayes.
He's just cute. That's all.

Katy Perry.
Can't wait to play this song at my next Halloween bash!

Robin Thicke/Chicago
Without the distraction of Miley (although love you missed you Miley), we could actually focus on what a cool jam sesh this was. Hashtag impressed. But we're still over you.

Keith Urban

John Legend
Sing me to sleep every night pleeeeease always and forever

Taylor Swift
Still constantly lusting after her fancy dresses even though we don't really wear fancy dresses but we're still girls so we're hard wired for this sort of thing.
Way way way more impressed than ever about how her live performances have improved.

Except like RIP to her neck muscles. We have a few chiropractors we could recommend to take care of that. 

P!nk/Nate Ruess
Hearing their song on the radio, never really felt like their voices went together all that well.
They were impressive live though.
But wait. P!nk is an actual acrobat now?
Or did we seriously miss something whilst half-heartedly following her career since the Missundaztood era?

Ringo Starr
Lovely. More on him later tho.

Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick you the homie and we all saw that text Mack sent about you getting robbed so good vibes all around, man~
Also THX for not acting out that creepy Muppet themed music vid onstage!

(T Swift once again making us feel good about our dance game)

Kacey Musgraves
First: Where did she even come from?
Second: The song, the outfit, the sparkly boots and neon cacti represented everything I (Birdie) hated about Texas, srry.

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr
Someone give us some daisy chains, white summer dresses and a VW van bc suddenly we're like the BIGGEST flower children right now.
We mean that.

Willie Nelson/Kris Kristofferson/Merle Haggard/Blake Shelton
Commentary by Birdie while watching: "Oh no. Oh no no no no no. I do not like country music on principle. But I like this. I like this so much. Oh NO. DANGIT My Texas is showing."

Daft Punk/Pharrell Williams/Nile Rogers/Stevie Wonder
Well Daft Punk clearly stole the stage this night, but who's complaining?
First of all: HI STEVIE WONDER HI HOW YA BEEN??!??! :)

Second: We know how easy it would be to just Google what Daft Punk looks like in the flesh, but like...not gonna happen.  They're so mysterious and shiny and perfect and FRENCH and like so 
Once the mystery is gone, the undeniable "cool" factor will be also.
Finally: so cute how Pharrell isn't even a member of DP (we still love and respect you despite your hat Pharrell) but since DP doesn't want us to think they actually speak a language that us mortals can understand (maybe they don't who knows??), he accepted all their zillions of awards for them. Good man, that Pharrell.

Sara B/Carole King
Gorgeous classy ladies with gorgeous classy voices. Too bad the song is the CHEESIEST.
Still cute. Whatevs.

Metallica feat. Lang Lang
First need to mention that Jared Leto is the culmination of everything good and beautiful on this earth.
Sweet throwback tho, Metallica. Rock on.
We also need Lang Lang to compose a dope piano rock narration of our lives.  Don't we all need that?

The whole Macklemore/Ryan Lewis thing

you be the judge bc this is a controversial topic???!?!
(But also feel free to talk to Holls about this because her Poli Sci senses are tingling)

Miranda Lambert/Billie Joe Armstrong
September has ended about 10 times since the early 2000s when Green Day became a thing and Billie Joe STILL hasn't updated his look. Can't win 'em all.
Side note: Birdie used to sing this song in a somewhat successful band with her dear father back in the good old days, so them singing "When Will I be Loved" got her all nostalgic and crap. 
....and the recording didn't even show the Nine Inch Nails thing. So we've got nothing on that one. Sorry.

A general round of applause for the music industry this year.
You all outdid yourselves once again, and didn't even creep us out (that much) this time.

Here's our playlists of the week, featuring music old and new from this year's winners and nominees.

And finally, as the cute Yoko Ono says
Peace out,
Birdie & Holls

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