Monday, January 20, 2014

MM: Subtle songs about your ex-boyfriend(s)

Yo. Welcome (back) to Music Monday.

The theme for today’s playlists centers around something we hope everyone has gone through at least once or else we’d be an even more irrelevant blog and everyone would go on with their mediocre lives..


We’re pretty sure that there are dozens of self help books on this topic that have obscurely numbered lists laying out the steps of getting over someone.

Who needs that crap when you’ve got Birdie & Holls, though?

Saying that we’re experts on breakups sounds a lot better in our heads than when we say it out loud, but we’ve been around the block of lo0o0ve a time or two (or at least the block of significantly mild interest). This is us claiming to be your reigning authoritative figures on all things love related. Actually, just all things in general also.

Moral of the story is, we’ve all got an ex (or two/three/seven) that we categorize differently than the others. Categories may or may not include:

-Yeah, I definitely still hate you
-Can we still be friends with this sexual tension

-Waiting for you to acknowledge me so we can get back together

-All of my friends say you downgraded but were they just being loyal idk?
-It’s clear that you are hating your marriage #suckstosuck
-You’re balding now and I’m more excited about this than I should be

-Wouldn’t be entirely upset if you showed up on my door and proclaimed your love because you’re still great and I miss you and man, we had a good run but I’m totes over it 
(but like not really if you’re not either. It’s whatever)

Anyway, the following are subtle playlists that may or may not be directed to one or more exes because lol we both know you like to check in. Enjoy figuring out which one is for you ;)


*A note to the common folk: feel free to use some of these songs in your own subtle playlists because you're lying if you don't have one for an ex or two.

Birdie & Holls