Monday, January 13, 2014

Music Mondaze


We expect that you all had a splendid, date-filled weekend. We sure did. One of us, at least.  The other is still trying to figure out how to manipulate Tinder matches into providing free dinners but this isn't about that.

Anyway. In an effort to add a dose of regularity (but by no means normality) to our blog posting schedule, we'd like to officially welcome you to our shiny brand-new weekly feature of  

Music Monday

The function of Music Monday here at clean (enough) laundry is to share fav artists and songs that are getting us through this week in particular, share news about local artists or others who are looking for an expanded audience, and to occasionally give you a peek of stuff we ourselves are working on in our spare time (#nervous #nervous #nervous).

So, today we've got quite a treat for you.  Click below or on the link to the right to be taken to our Spotify profile, where we'll each update our playlists weekly with new songs that you just absolutely ~need~ to be listening to right now.

Back with more soon!

Live long and prosper,
Birdie & Holls