Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolutions shmesolutions.

Birdie here.

Coming at you from the glorious upstairs couch, which my personal space has been reduced to for the remainder of winter break. #fullhouseproblems

Anyway, Holls and I released your new online addiction, clean (enough) laundry, on the first day of this grand new year, so we've had the theme of New Beginnings on the brain.

We seem to have this awkward obsession with making substantial life changes, "resolutions" if you will, each and every. single. time. the year starts over. Every 365 days, there's an irresistible urge to suddenly turn over a new leaf and become some fantastically new-and-improved version of ourselves.

I don't want to come off as entirely pessimistic when I say........we are all (almost always) literally kidding ourselves.

BEHOLD: My very own resolutions list.
Here is an actual screenshot of the goals I made for the new year, jotted (typed) down just moments until midnight, and before I was passed clean out by 12:03.

...and to follow, here's a list of how I inadvertently lost at each and every item -- proof that I am more or less the exact same not-that-spectacular human that you all knew on December 31.

1. Wear less black/grey clothes.
Check out a few of this first week's getups = FAIL.
A couple notes:
Apologies on the state of this room.  It's literally the only full-length mirror in the whole house, and my sister tends to live in a constant state of disorganized (total) chaos.
I'm not about to list off for you all the places I got each individual item. Because this is not a fashion blog. If interested, just let me know though, whatever.

2. Do NOT start watching Gossip Girl again on Netflix.
...Halfway through season 3 already, babes. I partially blame my sister, who had it streaming upstairs on the big screen every single night, much to the chagrin of my seriously media-conservative mother, who thinks "that awful show promotes nothing but materialism and repulsive moral character!!" ...but who are we kidding? I woulda done it anyway. Chuck and Blair are finally together, Serena's still sexy, Vanessa's still annoying, I'm still figuring out why they couldn't use better hair extensions on Little J ...whatever. = FAIL

3. Save more money.
Amount of money spent on absolute non-essentials: $231.59. oops = FAIL

4. Stop it with all the sweets-Christmas is over by now, jeez.
Typing this as I finish off tonight's 7th cookie = FAIL

5. P90X
However, it's been a whole week and by some complete miracle, I haven't given up my workout regimen quite yet. Maybe it's because Tony Horton is 50-something and still sexy, I don't know. In any case, #prayforbirdie = INEVITABLE FAIL.

So here's how day 1-5 of my new year have turned out. Maybe one day I'll actually succeed in sticking to (all of) my resolutions, but in the meantime I've settled upon a more realistic philosophy regarding the new year:

Hope you're all more committed to your sudden overnight improvement list than I am...somehow I doubt it though, if you're spending your precious time reading this. All is forgiven though, I won't judge ;)

You know you love me,
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