Friday, February 28, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Friday: How a 6 Year Old Won the Fashion Game

Hi. Holls here, blogging from sunny RAINY California this fine Friday.
So far I've seen too many ugg boots to count, lines out of the door at Starbucks, and puffs on puffs from Hollister/A&F. 
I've never been more pleased about this.

I've been spending the weekend indoors with (fending off) a bunch of little minions and decided to test my theory for (Faux) Fashion Friday that any clothes any of us wear will look infinitely better on children...always.

I didn't bring any puffy jackets (always a fight with carry on luggage space) or ugg boots (out of clear principle) but through negotiations and promises of Mario Kart, I was able to get one of these rascals to help me out. 

What say you?

"Is this beanie gonna make me look like a grandma again?"

At this point I had given up on making any kind of effort to compete with children.

The chipped paint on her nails even looks better than mine ever will.

Whatever, get me my Walmart sweats.

I'm over it.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi laundry minions! (channeling Blair Waldorf today idk...still working on it)

Coming atcha today with something that I, Birdie, could NOT be more thrilled about.

Part of what we want to do over here on clean (enough) laundry is supporting and promoting people (artists, musicians, and, in this case, small businesses) who want to get their names out there. I'm telling you, if there's one thing we've learned these last few months, it's that there's NOTHING wrong with SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION.

Anyway.  Remember how I said I could not be more obsessed with France? Well, for those of you who are equally enthusiastic about France (or even if you're not and just enjoy really REALLY good desserts), have WE got a giveaway for YOU !! Keep reading.

Macaron is a small, home-based business in Orem that makes delicious French macaron cookies.  I stumbled upon these guys randomly on Facebook a few months ago, because I had myself a CRAVING. Imagine my relief when I found out there was a company right here in Utah Valley! However, I was a tad skeptical at first. I've had macarons in every state from here to Texas and they just don't cut it.  BUT. YOU GUYS. Macaron by Brian is...hands down...the greatest thing I have discovered since returning from beloved Paris 2 years ago. These guys are just the bees actual knees. So nice and definitely SO handsome. And literal macaron-making magicians. I would say more but they might think I'm getting a little too emotionally involved at some point and that would be just weird probably.  Anyway, here are the brains behind the operation.

Brian and Jack
Brian Kesler, who makes the macarons, has a passion for cooking and became obsessed with the macaron when he was working at the prestigious Utah catering company Culinary Crafts.  Having mastered the recipe to his liking, he and his husband, Jack Garcia, decided to start their own business.  Brian bakes and Jack does the social media stuff.  In the summer they hope to sell at local farmer's markets and someday they hope to open up their very own French pastry shop, but until then you can order yours at or by messaging them on Facebook, or Instagram.  At the moment they are only serving Utah County, by pickup or delivery.  They accept cash, check or card.

Again, I cannot stress enough. Your life will change when you eat these cookies.  Personal anecdote: The amount of freaking out that happened when I realized that the ganache they use in their raspberry (framboise) macarons contains ACTUAL raspberries...I celebrated for a full 15 minutes.

Let's get down to business:
So, Macaron by Brian is going to give away a whole dozen for FREE to one of you lucky people! You get to choose all of your flavors. The giveaway will be open until March 15, and the winner will be announced here on the blog, so MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT DAY. We'll get your contact info and then put you in touch with Brian and Jack.

TO ENTER: It's easy, just follow the steps on the Rafflecopter below.
You MUST like Macaron's Facebook page
Also, please please PLEASE follow along with our blog via GFC, Bloglovin' or liking our new Facebook  page (you get a lot of entries for doing so)

Then, once you've done that, you have several other options to gain extra entries.

******OUT OF STATE ENTRIES: Like we mentioned, Macaron is only serving the Utah county area, but I overnighted some to my friend in Boston for Christmas and she said they arrived just fine.  So if you don't live in the area but you REALLY want to try these (trust me, you do) and you don't mind paying for shipping to your location, we can work that out. (It's like, you pay 15 bucks for shipping, but you get a 15 dollar box of the best cookies of your whole life for free, know what I mean?)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Bisous Bisous,
Birdie x Holls

Monday, February 24, 2014

MM: Flower Children

So we did something.
A relatively expensive something.
Because we're graduating and are just banking on the fact that 
we'll be rolling in money at the end of April when we can work and no longer have school
or friends that are as ~mature~ and ~experienced~ as ourselves.

It's officially official.
Birdie and Holls will be livin' the good life for one complete weekend in June 2014
On some lawn in Manchester, Tennessee, enjoying everything that comes along with 

You guys.
Elton John.
Avett Brothers.
Nick Cave + Bad Seeds (Awkward Harry Potter 7.1 Harry/Hermione dancing scene, anyone?) 

Ed Helms AND Taran Killam (NBC network straight up CRASHING this party clearly)

Janelle Monae
Amos Lee
Andrew Bird
The Head and the Heart
Dr. Dog
City and Colour
Kind of excited. Kind of.

Me trying to assert my adulthood when I told my mother the decision I made to drop a couple hundred for this event #worthit
Anyway, Bonnaroo 2014 is all about free spirit, save the earth, hug some trees rah raaaahhh
So to say we're excited is an understatement.
This event has Birdie & Holls written all over it.
In fact, Birdie got her name a few years ago simply because she showed up to her new apartment wearing a shirt with a tree on it, a feather in her hair, no makeup, and hadn't slept in 32 hours and so her new roommates literally thought she was
We therefore have several flower crown-making and crop top-ordering dates on the agenda
 between now and June 12

..also if anyone has a large van (preferably an Astrovan) that can be doubled for a house, feel free to contact Holls at any point. This has nothing to do with an urge to travel the continental United States/Canada in order to swerve away from ratchets and/or spend a good amount of time exploring national parks.

While we're getting ready for the next 4 months 
We'll be creating our ultimate flower children playlists.
Here's just a preview:

Birdie & Holls

Friday, February 21, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Friday: Stripes

Greetings laundry-doers.
(Starting to play around with names for our adoring fans-something tells me that's not gonna be it.I'm just gonna roll with it for today though.)

If I have not yet made it abundantly clear, I'm OBSESSED with France. 
No need to get political about it or anything-I'm just saying if I could choose my ideal life it would be going to art museums all day and hanging out at quaint cafés reading and then hiking the Alps on the weekends.

So what do we usually think about when we think French fashion? Navy and white stripes with a beret and red scarf, no?

NEWSFLASH: (nobody dresses like this over there, unless you're me trying to be as stereotypical as possible circa May 2012):

But even so, that doesn't stop me being partial to


very partial.

Hence the subject of our (faux) fashion friday today: my own personal worship of stripes.
I own almost every type of clothing article that features them in some way,
(I also wrote a 3 page essay about the evolution of the stripe style and I'm happy to email it to you if you want but I won't hold my breath)
But anyway, what better way to show my love of both stripes AND my fav country than featuring them ALL IN THE SAME PHOTO AMIRITE?!
<<Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité 4evr>>
Those are not authentic french wine bottles back there on the windowsill
~bisous, bisous~
cardi: France (NOT Plato's closet)
onesie: France (NOT my Christmas PJ's)
Socks: France (NOT Urban Outfitters)
Shirt: France (NOT Nautica)
Headband: France (NOT Forever 21)
Backdrop: France (NOT Target's college dorm home section)
Woulda shown off my French (NOT VS) undergarments set too,
except we like to keep things PG around here so
Anyway, that's how us regular folk show our love of the classic stripe.

How do the stars do it?! So glad you asked. 

Consider the following:
Lady Gaga: Jailbird ed.

This Halloween costume model: Jailbird ed.
Painting your house in this iconic pattern: highly recommended for a truly classy lifestyle
Inside too, experts say.
Awwwww yissss get it Miley bbgirl
Tim Burton knows what's up starting girlfriend from Sleepy Hollow off right
Take note gentlemen, Beetlejuice comin' in clutch for ya
You and your significant other need look no further for inspiration on your next coordinated outfit set than another classic Tim Burton film. 
ProTip: Wear all black and blend in with your striped walls!
Next time a giant predatory animal comes in your house, no worries! You'll be A-Okay!
ProTip 2: After acquiring this model's superhuman abs, wear this whole outfit.
Appropriate at home, school, church and work. Guaranteed.
ProTip 3: Watch out for falling houses
Well that's all I got. 
If you've got some falsely-stereotypical fashion 
representation of YOUR fav country up your sleeve, don't hesitate to share!!

Send me a snapchat/tweet the MOMENT you get this framed and hung on your wall, I'll be waiting ;)
Baguettes and cheese,
Birdie xoxo

This post wholeheartedly endorsed by Mr. Dean his handsome self

(all google images)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WWWW: The War on Women Ft. Rape Culture

It’s when you’re six and don’t understand why your brother gets to play after dinner while you have to do the dishes.

It’s after a second date when you get chastised by your friend for not kissing him when he spent all that money on you.

It’s waking up to someone you trusted with his hands up your shirt.

It’s an eating disorder stemming from low self confidence perpetuated through television advertisements of what it means to be beautiful.



Due to the embarrassing amount of people I’ve come across that are unaware/refuse to believe that there is a continuing war on women, I’m sending out a few public service announcements with posts like these to clear up a few things and hopefully to get you to start thinking about what’s really going on. It’s critical now more than ever to become aware and become a force for good.

So welcome to Clean Enough Laundry's Whatever We Want Wednesday:

The War on Women: Rape Culture

If you feel like women deserve economic, social, and political equality in relation to men CONGRATS, YOU’RE A FEMINIST. I know what you’re thinking.... “Agh! Don’t label me as one of those man hating blood sucking makeup-less freaks” Secret: We all don’t burn bras and refuse to shave our armpits in order to stick it to the man.

**Important disclaimer that I feel I shouldn’t have to spell out for some folks, but I’m not taking chances here: Feminism isn’t about being better than men. It’s not about proving that we’re superior or deserve more pay than men in the work force (one would think that would be a little make more on the dollar for the same work....than the opposite sex...). It’s about reaching equality in critical areas, improving the lives of women worldwide and reaching the same plane of men so that together we can make something incredible with our experiences in this life.

Women are constantly being told what is and isn’t “acceptable” for them. This ranges from attire to make up to body weight. Women are bombarded with media from all sides on what hot and attractive looks like. Often, media uses the sexualization of women to get this point across. This sends the harmful message that women should have the desire to appear hot and sexy for men, leading to the objectification of women everywhere for men’s pleasure. From high heels to foot binding, products and tradition have guided a young woman out of her potential comfort zone into the “real world” through the lenses of subordination for men. What of her intellect?


Here’s the part where the men start rising in protest claiming that they’re the victims of media socialization for masculinity, too. Good, I’m glad you’re here. It is men that run the majority of the media industry, so you’re more than welcome to express your concerns to your fellow sex. Also, please realize that by complaining about the pressure to live up to masculinity, you’re complaining about getting the better end of the deal. You’re seen as a doer, a go getter, a provider, an independent individual who can get what he wants while women are fighting to be seen that way while dealing with constant objectification/sexualization/subordination to meet your needs. Rape is being encouraged as a war tactic in some countries in order to impregnate the woman with an enemy child which ultimately leads to her husband divorcing her while she is being purged of a society for being “unfaithful”. Axe is telling you to spray yourself with scented water and the ladies will come flocking. Read this chart about what the world thinks of you. Sit down. 

Rape Culture: the environment that emphasizes and glorifies concepts such as victim blaming with an attempt to justify rape or categorize it in a way that lessens the gravity of the act.

Representative Todd Akin, folks.

Phrases that perpetuate the war on women:

“Well, yeah he forced himself on her but she was drinking/passed out/on drugs/dressed ‘slutty’/played coy/etc. She was practically asking for it”
VERY IMPORTANT: no one asks to get raped. Unless she gives you coherent consent to do whatever you want with her, you do not have permission to. No ifs, ands, or buts. She does not owe you anything because you paid for a date. If this is your mentality, you should consider soliciting prostitution. 

We need to start emphasizing who is responsible for rape:

1. If you see a woman having trouble on the side of the road, do not mistake this for an opportunity to rape. Help the woman if she permits. Do not rape her.
2. Do not carry any type of weapon on you at night looking for women who are alone. 
3. Do not look for women who are alone at night, period.
4. Let’s not forget to never slip any kind of drugs in her drink, ever
5. If a woman rejects your advances, stop advancing. When in doubt, remember consent is a thing!
6. Refrain from hiding in corners/in between cars/in parking garages.
  This will help you be more visible to women and will help prevent you from raping them.

Seems like common sense, right? Unfortunately, articles like this perpetuate the distorted mentality of rape culture with quotes like, “ If a man finds a woman SO incredibly desirable that he would throw his freedom, reputation, his whole life away to f*** her, that shows the woman is on the highest echelon of desirability” Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. With that logic, I could say someone should be honored that I murdered them because I found them so desirable of death that I was willing to go to prison just to kill them. Please don’t downplay rape or any form of sexual harassment towards anyone.

“You really shouldn’t wear’s going to be hard for men to control their thoughts around you”:
...and yet, these poor weak minded men that can’t control their own thoughts somehow control nations. This is offensive to both men and women. Women should dress in a way that is most comfortable to them and not have to expect their personal worth to be determined by others. Men shouldn’t be illustrated as barbaric creatures that can’t possibly be held accountable of controlling their thoughts. We all can control our thoughts and should all be held completely responsible for what we think and how we choose to act. I’ve often heard the phrase that women will end up with the type of man that they dress for. I have a few problems with this. 1. I will “end up” with the type of man that doesn’t expect me to dress for him. 2. Gonna need someone to explain to me how the women in the Middle East, many of which abide by a dress code much more strict than the West, have the highest occurrences of rape:



Rape culture is a very real mental poison today and it's important for all of us to be aware of it and stop its harmful spread. Talk to your sons and daughters about these things now. Have those uncomfortable conversations. Be an influence for good in their lives and stand up against victim blaming and inequality against women. Through this empowerment, we can be just a little more confident in the rising generation.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday: Film Soundtracks of Our (and probably your) Lives

Did you feel it, too? The meaningless of life while Birdie and I didn't post last week? Contrary to popular belief, we weren't on blog strike against corporate consumerism or some other cause stereotypically worthy of college students. 
We just had midterms. 
Grades>social media (sometimes). 
Anyway, we apologize to all of our adoring fans, yadda yadda

We didn't lose touch with our writing, though! Somehow, the journalism gods smiled down upon our little blog and through a series of fortunate events (pun entirely intended), our writing ended up in the Valentine's Day issue of The Student Review. Check out page 14 for an in depth analysis of the woes of being a nice guy written by yours truly.

Now that we've established that Birdie and I can be taken somewhat seriously, back to the important things in life...
Music Monday: Movie Soundtracks 

Have you ever watched a film and had a spiritual connection to the soundtrack played? Felt like it struck a chord in your soul or motivated you to do life? either.
Except that was a lie. We have and we know you have, too.

Some films are so on point with their music. Whether it's a score straight from Zimmer himself or the cleverly placed Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men being featured while Walter Mitty is questing that country, music offers a unique perspective.

Sometimes, you need pump up music for a really intense final you're about to take and Drake may not cut it. Other times, you're trekking up to campus, it's a beautiful day and you find yourself listening to a Pride and Prejudice piano piece (and you're also suddenly Keira Knightly). Let's not forget about the film scores that make you feel like you're capable of doing anything in life.

So, shout out to the music in films that makes you feel something, whatever it is.

The Birdie & Holls