Friday, February 28, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Friday: How a 6 Year Old Won the Fashion Game

Hi. Holls here, blogging from sunny RAINY California this fine Friday.
So far I've seen too many ugg boots to count, lines out of the door at Starbucks, and puffs on puffs from Hollister/A&F. 
I've never been more pleased about this.

I've been spending the weekend indoors with (fending off) a bunch of little minions and decided to test my theory for (Faux) Fashion Friday that any clothes any of us wear will look infinitely better on children...always.

I didn't bring any puffy jackets (always a fight with carry on luggage space) or ugg boots (out of clear principle) but through negotiations and promises of Mario Kart, I was able to get one of these rascals to help me out. 

What say you?

"Is this beanie gonna make me look like a grandma again?"

At this point I had given up on making any kind of effort to compete with children.

The chipped paint on her nails even looks better than mine ever will.

Whatever, get me my Walmart sweats.

I'm over it.