Friday, February 21, 2014

(Faux) Fashion Friday: Stripes

Greetings laundry-doers.
(Starting to play around with names for our adoring fans-something tells me that's not gonna be it.I'm just gonna roll with it for today though.)

If I have not yet made it abundantly clear, I'm OBSESSED with France. 
No need to get political about it or anything-I'm just saying if I could choose my ideal life it would be going to art museums all day and hanging out at quaint cafés reading and then hiking the Alps on the weekends.

So what do we usually think about when we think French fashion? Navy and white stripes with a beret and red scarf, no?

NEWSFLASH: (nobody dresses like this over there, unless you're me trying to be as stereotypical as possible circa May 2012):

But even so, that doesn't stop me being partial to


very partial.

Hence the subject of our (faux) fashion friday today: my own personal worship of stripes.
I own almost every type of clothing article that features them in some way,
(I also wrote a 3 page essay about the evolution of the stripe style and I'm happy to email it to you if you want but I won't hold my breath)
But anyway, what better way to show my love of both stripes AND my fav country than featuring them ALL IN THE SAME PHOTO AMIRITE?!
<<Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité 4evr>>
Those are not authentic french wine bottles back there on the windowsill
~bisous, bisous~
cardi: France (NOT Plato's closet)
onesie: France (NOT my Christmas PJ's)
Socks: France (NOT Urban Outfitters)
Shirt: France (NOT Nautica)
Headband: France (NOT Forever 21)
Backdrop: France (NOT Target's college dorm home section)
Woulda shown off my French (NOT VS) undergarments set too,
except we like to keep things PG around here so
Anyway, that's how us regular folk show our love of the classic stripe.

How do the stars do it?! So glad you asked. 

Consider the following:
Lady Gaga: Jailbird ed.

This Halloween costume model: Jailbird ed.
Painting your house in this iconic pattern: highly recommended for a truly classy lifestyle
Inside too, experts say.
Awwwww yissss get it Miley bbgirl
Tim Burton knows what's up starting girlfriend from Sleepy Hollow off right
Take note gentlemen, Beetlejuice comin' in clutch for ya
You and your significant other need look no further for inspiration on your next coordinated outfit set than another classic Tim Burton film. 
ProTip: Wear all black and blend in with your striped walls!
Next time a giant predatory animal comes in your house, no worries! You'll be A-Okay!
ProTip 2: After acquiring this model's superhuman abs, wear this whole outfit.
Appropriate at home, school, church and work. Guaranteed.
ProTip 3: Watch out for falling houses
Well that's all I got. 
If you've got some falsely-stereotypical fashion 
representation of YOUR fav country up your sleeve, don't hesitate to share!!

Send me a snapchat/tweet the MOMENT you get this framed and hung on your wall, I'll be waiting ;)
Baguettes and cheese,
Birdie xoxo

This post wholeheartedly endorsed by Mr. Dean his handsome self

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