Friday, February 7, 2014

FF: Friend's Friday

What would be way cool is if midterms didn't exist and we had time to do a high fashion post about Olympic style. Because lemme tell you - these fashions are HAPPENING tonight.

Anyway, TEAM AMERICA and all that. 

Seriously. Also Shaun White I'm having a love/hate relationship with your haircut right now.
So, while we were both busy doing college stuff, we got in touch with an extremely talented artist friend who has some incredible illustrations to share.

Natalie was recently accepted into the BFA Illustration program and has an amazing career ahead of her. I personally already have a few paintings picked out for when I get my own place. Can't wait to tell everyone 

Natalie says:
"I sketched these in a small town in central Utah. The airstream trailer is my family's; we once took it all the way down the north-east coast through the fancy forests and whatnot. I think there is something really inspring (creatively speaking) to all people about nature. Thus the lifestyle that generally fits those who seek out nature experiences is also, in my opinion, a really fascinating thing. 
Not to mention airstream trailers are just really bad ***."

If you want to see more of my stuff, check out my facebook page: is now up and running.
Go check her out and hire her and whatnot. Seriously.

xoxo B/H