Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi laundry minions! (channeling Blair Waldorf today idk...still working on it)

Coming atcha today with something that I, Birdie, could NOT be more thrilled about.

Part of what we want to do over here on clean (enough) laundry is supporting and promoting people (artists, musicians, and, in this case, small businesses) who want to get their names out there. I'm telling you, if there's one thing we've learned these last few months, it's that there's NOTHING wrong with SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION.

Anyway.  Remember how I said I could not be more obsessed with France? Well, for those of you who are equally enthusiastic about France (or even if you're not and just enjoy really REALLY good desserts), have WE got a giveaway for YOU !! Keep reading.

Macaron is a small, home-based business in Orem that makes delicious French macaron cookies.  I stumbled upon these guys randomly on Facebook a few months ago, because I had myself a CRAVING. Imagine my relief when I found out there was a company right here in Utah Valley! However, I was a tad skeptical at first. I've had macarons in every state from here to Texas and they just don't cut it.  BUT. YOU GUYS. Macaron by Brian is...hands down...the greatest thing I have discovered since returning from beloved Paris 2 years ago. These guys are just the bees actual knees. So nice and definitely SO handsome. And literal macaron-making magicians. I would say more but they might think I'm getting a little too emotionally involved at some point and that would be just weird probably.  Anyway, here are the brains behind the operation.

Brian and Jack
Brian Kesler, who makes the macarons, has a passion for cooking and became obsessed with the macaron when he was working at the prestigious Utah catering company Culinary Crafts.  Having mastered the recipe to his liking, he and his husband, Jack Garcia, decided to start their own business.  Brian bakes and Jack does the social media stuff.  In the summer they hope to sell at local farmer's markets and someday they hope to open up their very own French pastry shop, but until then you can order yours at or by messaging them on Facebook, or Instagram.  At the moment they are only serving Utah County, by pickup or delivery.  They accept cash, check or card.

Again, I cannot stress enough. Your life will change when you eat these cookies.  Personal anecdote: The amount of freaking out that happened when I realized that the ganache they use in their raspberry (framboise) macarons contains ACTUAL raspberries...I celebrated for a full 15 minutes.

Let's get down to business:
So, Macaron by Brian is going to give away a whole dozen for FREE to one of you lucky people! You get to choose all of your flavors. The giveaway will be open until March 15, and the winner will be announced here on the blog, so MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT DAY. We'll get your contact info and then put you in touch with Brian and Jack.

TO ENTER: It's easy, just follow the steps on the Rafflecopter below.
You MUST like Macaron's Facebook page
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Then, once you've done that, you have several other options to gain extra entries.

******OUT OF STATE ENTRIES: Like we mentioned, Macaron is only serving the Utah county area, but I overnighted some to my friend in Boston for Christmas and she said they arrived just fine.  So if you don't live in the area but you REALLY want to try these (trust me, you do) and you don't mind paying for shipping to your location, we can work that out. (It's like, you pay 15 bucks for shipping, but you get a 15 dollar box of the best cookies of your whole life for free, know what I mean?)
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Bisous Bisous,
Birdie x Holls