Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday: Film Soundtracks of Our (and probably your) Lives

Did you feel it, too? The meaningless of life while Birdie and I didn't post last week? Contrary to popular belief, we weren't on blog strike against corporate consumerism or some other cause stereotypically worthy of college students. 
We just had midterms. 
Grades>social media (sometimes). 
Anyway, we apologize to all of our adoring fans, yadda yadda

We didn't lose touch with our writing, though! Somehow, the journalism gods smiled down upon our little blog and through a series of fortunate events (pun entirely intended), our writing ended up in the Valentine's Day issue of The Student Review. Check out page 14 for an in depth analysis of the woes of being a nice guy written by yours truly.

Now that we've established that Birdie and I can be taken somewhat seriously, back to the important things in life...
Music Monday: Movie Soundtracks 

Have you ever watched a film and had a spiritual connection to the soundtrack played? Felt like it struck a chord in your soul or motivated you to do life? either.
Except that was a lie. We have and we know you have, too.

Some films are so on point with their music. Whether it's a score straight from Zimmer himself or the cleverly placed Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men being featured while Walter Mitty is questing that country, music offers a unique perspective.

Sometimes, you need pump up music for a really intense final you're about to take and Drake may not cut it. Other times, you're trekking up to campus, it's a beautiful day and you find yourself listening to a Pride and Prejudice piano piece (and you're also suddenly Keira Knightly). Let's not forget about the film scores that make you feel like you're capable of doing anything in life.

So, shout out to the music in films that makes you feel something, whatever it is.

The Birdie & Holls