Friday, March 7, 2014

(Fo-Real) Fashion Friday: Hogwarts

Greetings muggles/squibs/mudbloods/purebloods/halfbloods/etc.
We're rather thrilled about today's fashion post.
We found out from one famous blogger this afternoon that she'd only gotten through the first 3 HPs.
Lol wut.
We assume the rest of you lead much more normal lives.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter as imagined by the lovely JK Rowling may be stuck in the 90s
but magical people are still everywhere today.
This includes us, apparently.
So here we are, along with some of our friends, as your official modern-day representatives of the houses of the one and only Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
No gimmicks, no robes, just straight up style.
Once you've been diagnosed (categorized?) as one of the 4 houses via Pottermore
(sorry folks, a sketchy buzzfeed quiz made by some 15 year old with too much time on his hands isn't going to cut it)
you can look to our examples to let the entire magical community KNOW who you represent.
If I knew of a Hogwart's fight song, lyrics would go here
Unfortunately, some people just refuse to accept who they are.
This dashing young man requested that his identifying info not be shared on the interwebs because he CLAIMS to be a Gryffindor.  However, his willingness to go to the ends of the earth to make sure this post is a success is kind of a telling sign of sure Hufflepuffed-ness, no?
I mean just read these qualifications.
Something tells me my good friend is also afraid with ghosts, sheets with holes
in them and regular sheets but the jury's still out on this.
We're not saying Hufflepuffs are wimpy, but they certainly are loyal.
Exhibit A: Displaying friendship by buying a cupcake for a good friend for no reason at all other than to be ~nice~ and yes, ~loyal~.
Shirt: Collected on a 3rd year Hufflepuff trip to Hogsmead #SpiritWear
He thought, "Hmmm...maybe she wants a T-shirt too! I bet she'd look great in it!"

GO FIGURE the lucky recipient was none other than our very own Birdie! What a clever but also loyal and sweet surprise! 
This house is being more than accurately represented by our one and only Birdie.
Bookish: check. Analytical: check. Logical yet impractical: CHECK-just check her bank statements oh my goodness who even needs that many things from Amazon. And above all: Fond of learning for the sake of learning. You think all (any?) of the books she orders on Psychological theory or written by Malcolm Gladwell and Sheryl Sandberg are for school? Please.

Today we found Birdie lurking near and inside a local coffee shop, known for its ~indie chill~ music, local art, and overall intellectual atmosphere, dressed in classic Ravenclaw colors but looking classy as usual.  She's no basic Hogwarts chick, that's for sure. Spirit wear with sophistication, we like to call it.

Dress: Vera Wang for Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions (Diagon Alley location)
Shirt: Forever 321 (shop started by Ariana Dumbledore her trendy self)
Tights/Boots: Undisclosed location in Knockturn Alley don't tell her mom
Glasses: Special edition stones of eternal knowledge made by alchemist Nicholas Flamel's loyal apprentices

Just some *light* right

Silicon valley here she comes

This is a good one.

(also alternatively known as the house 95% of you will claim to belong to with no justification other than you read the books and wanted to be friends w/ Harry)
Our Gryf model this fine day is none other than Gabe Machen. To say that he is a die hard Gryffindor would be an understatement and I am not even joking about this. That is an official Gryffindor tie worn for the very occasion. He literally took it out of a box. Covered with wrapping. He also showed up with various wands and a scarf from nowhere other than Harry Potter World. Had to keep his cool in the muggle world for the pics, though.

Business casual would clearly be the wardrobe of one belonging to this house today. Constantly checking your email and confidently networking with all kinds of contacts will help keep you on top of your game. Because of your personality, you'll always know somebody that knows somebody.

instagramming and getting hundreds of likes

probably talking to dumbledore

The house of the alternative tweens that shopped at Hot Topic once upon an Invader Zim time.

Honestly, who else do you think would be modeling this house? Not embarrassed to admit that I was crushing on Malfoy dating back to his character introduction in book 1. Fluent in parseltongue (omg not like that, BOYZ) and recently held a rather large snake so idk I think those are all of the qualifications??? Also dressed up to nearly all of the HP movie premieres repping my dark mark and home made wand. Also beat Birdie in a duel outside of a movie theater once. I'm just throwing that out there.

Casual button down with a cardigan and messenger bag literally scream "I'm casual enough to wear this on a weekend trip to Hogsmeade but serious enough to star in an indie 500 Days of Victor Krum film". We're driven to get what we want, with or without giving the time of day to any other house (we can tolerate Ravenclaws, however. Occasionally grab drinks at the same coffee shop). 

are you going to impress me or just waste my time (look close for a peak of the dark mark idk???)

not having it with 99% of the population. V much would rather be alone to plot my success.

RARE PHOTO OF A SLYTH SMILING SOMEWHAT. Probably T. Riddle's diary tho.

So there you have it, folks. Hogwarts House loyalty is alive and well in the college age. If you haven't given your life at one point or another to the series that changed a generation, we really have no idea why you're still reading this post.

Cheers to the youngsters that should be receiving their letters soon!

LeviOsa, not LeviosA- B & H