Monday, March 24, 2014

MM: Hit Singles You Love To Hate

There you are, driving by yourself in your car and counting up how many quarters you have in your cup holder so you can make use of the Dollar Menu at McD's when ~SUDDENLY~: you realize that you forgot the auxiliary cord to connect to your iPod and can't tune into your favorite Pandora station of choice (aka Lana Del Rey duh)

You take a deep breath and decide to try your luck with

public. radio. stations.

(camera spirals out dramatically as you cringe)

Radio station culture has evolved to keep folks interested in order to make up for hit songs that are overplayed to their metaphorical deaths. Ways to do this include:
1. Commenting on Popular Buzzfeed articles with awkward use of their soundboard 
2. Hosting contests for "random" callers (still don't know how folks manage to win these)

3. Having DJs with really attractive voices that make us almost want to look up what they look like in real life but then we never do because we're afraid it will shatter our perfect mental image

No matter how mediocre some of these ways are to trap the listener to stay on their station, the main purpose is to play hit singles of whatever genre that station associates with. Hit singles get huge for a reason: they are catchy. People are all about them for the first few months after a new song is released. They typically have great beats or a sick chorus.

However, these songs get overplayed literally for years and suddenly I now find myself eating my McDouble driving home to "Moves Like Jagger"(2011).  Stop judging me, you eat in your car, too. 

Finding it hard to remember why we even liked a particular hit in the first place after listening to it for years, we have established a love/hate relationship with popular songs.

~The Process~
*hears song*
"UGH. Hate this song." 
*flips through the other stations* 
*finds self back on original station*
*after song:

Can't think of any songs that have this effect on you? The Bird and I have (unfortunately) got you covered:


p.s. I'm going to need to have a talk with whoever is still requesting Eminem/Rihanna's "The Monster" followed by promptly questioning more of their life choices.