Monday, March 10, 2014

MM: Shower Time Superstar

After a long day of hopefully doing at least something productive (try getting the mail if all else fails) or listening to any of Pit Bull's songs,
you step into the shower getting ready to enjoy some "me" time.
Never mind that you've been out of shampoo for the last three days and keep on watering it down to get what's left of it in your hair
Never mind that you can't remember the last time you replaced your razor that once had the complimentary gel soap thing on it when you bought it
Never mind that turning the shower knob 1/17th of an inch will either result in frost bite or burnt flesh

Shower time is your time, and you own it.
This is when you make casual decisions from how many episodes of House of Cards you'll have time for today to decisions on what type of dog you're determined to raise as your own.
Most importantly, you make important realizations as to why you never got sent to Hollywood on American Idol season 7/9/14 (?)

We've all done it at one point-- let out our inner Mariah Carey amongst the steam and foam. Some of us have done it just for the sake of having heard that it is something people do in the shower. Half of us have probably convinced ourselves that we're not too shabby. Ask your roommates. There's a good 80% chance one of them has heard you at some point and has been scarred from the memory ever since (not speaking from personal experience who do you think we are moving right along)

There is a technique to singing in the shower with particular songs that can either make or break your soaking live experience.
1. Do not sing while you are rinsing shampoo/conditioner out of your hair. That slides down your face and potentially into your mouth. Not a pleasant taste when you're in the middle of an Alanis Morissette chorus.

2. Always pick songs that are easy to harmonize to. This makes for good practice for real performances when you hear the song again on the radio with friends in the car. They will be amazed. You will probably be asked if you were in choir in high school.

3. Get really intense every now and then and play some emo tracks to keep you humble and remember your roots. The water from the shower head does a good job of simulating warm rain. This is the perfect time to think about where your place is in the universe. 

4. Disney songs. That's all we're going to say about that.

Anyway, if you're needing some new tracks to further your lathering experience, the bird and I have got you covered.

Birdie & Holls