Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WWWW: Confessions

Tonight we're going to get real on the blog and tell you all about the meaning behind Clean (enough) Laundry (!!!!)
Or at least one of the loose interpretations.

Part of creating this blog was to have a venue where we would be free to share whatever the heck we wanted to. Ridiculous youtube videos: check. Feminist rants: check. Taking ourselves seriously: mmm betta not.

Clean (enough) Laundry symbolizes more than just the fact that we have multiple piles of clothes on the floor that are probably different levels of cleanliness. It also means that we've all got laundry in our lives and the stuff we tell other folks is clean (enough).. AT LEAST ON THE INTERWEBZ, ANYWAY.

****future employers please know this is a social experiment and we really don't have any skeletons hiding behind the piles of clothes in our closets #coveringbases

With that disclosure, welcome to Whatever We Want Wednesday: CONFESSION EDITION~

ugh preach brit
We'll show you ours if you show us yours ;)
But good luck figuring out which confession belongs to either Birdie or Holls <33
#lol #youthought.

- I like to sketch
-The reason I fail my tests is because usually my sole reason for being in class is to have a solid seat in which to sit while playing Phase 10 on my iPhone
- I killed my sister's fish when I was a kid
-I have a giant monster crush on someone with whom it can never be.
HINT: He regularly reads this blog. #coulditbeyou? #omg #textme #loveme #forbiddenfruit #Twilight
- I recently almost pulled a Grey's Anatomy moment with someone I really shouldn't have

-I sort of hate the gift my lifelong best friend got me for Christmas
- I don't like to hike with music or most people
-I didn't text you back for that second date because sitting and watching Hell's Kitchen instead actually seemed more enjoyable.
- I feel like some people that do yoga are pretentious
-I downloaded a version of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego the other day and beat it in 2 hours whereas I thought it was literally unbeatable when I was 12 #victory
- I'm only mediocre at Mario Kart
-More than once this week while on campus I took out my earphones to make sure the volume wasn't up too loud, and then I put them back in and continued jamming to the Glee season 1 soundtrack.
- I'm still friends with some people on Facebook for the sole purpose of rolling my eyes at their statuses.
-I don't understand the Olympics hype.
What a relief. Good to get this shiz out in the open.
While you're up late tonight trying to decide which confession belongs to which Clean (enough) Laundry author, may as well enter to win some free cookies. 1 week left, sexies.

Happiest of hump days to you all,