Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TRAVEL TUESDAY..? Bonnaroo 2k14

Look, friends. Let's pretend this breakup never happened. Let's just start this summer off right (in july? whatever just let it happen.)
Insanely quick update on our lives before we talk about how we lost our music virginity at Bonnaroo:
Have we become respectable adults doing adult things since then? Yeah, but no.
Moving along.

We recently embarked on a journey to the south to seek a great perhaps/fulfill our true potential/camp for 3 nights on farmland in Tennessee in the name of music.

home sweet home. 
After a tent fiasco which will not be discussed here, this became our humble abode. We made FRIENDS (!!) that made our trip so so so much fun without the weeds.

ok tennessee so you have amazing sunsets?????
Tbh I'm only 60% sure this was a sunset. May have been a sunrise. Time was kind of a blur after some artists started their sets after midnight who even knows

LOOK, OUR FRIENDS. May or may not have forced them to hang out with us but it's fine we won them over with our tribal dancing and locating a free cell phone charging station <33

Seriously, what more could you want that Lionel Richie's face in the night sky? Nothing. You could want nothing more.

wow bird bring sunblock sheesh rule #1
dude, where's my tent
The best thing about Bonnaroo wasn't the clan of hula hoopers that managed to be wherever we were. It wasn't the amount of dreads and chacos there (but it kind of was). It wasn't even about Kanye West and the random pity party he threw for himself during his set (~shocker). It was about the truly good vibes that literally every single person gave the whole weekend (and the Amish donuts but we won't go there bc birdy is already crying thinking about it). Don't think we've ever given so many hi-fives in one weekend. Folks were there for a good time and for good music. 

And probably drugs but say no to that.

This was a thing in which we participated fully. #throwbacksonthrowbacks

bird hydrating her ankles.
OKAY, PAUSE. We need to talk about the food in the south. After believing that Bird had gone off the deep end of pretentiousness by actually looking on the Food Network's website for proper soul food, I HAVE TASTED FRIED CHICKEN FROM THE GODS. 

If you're ever in Nashville, go to Arnold's. Get the apple pie. Die. Go to Heaven. Meet me there.

The south didn't do us dirty this time around. Minus the humidity. Wtf is that and why hasn't Obama done something about that already?

you can take the girl out of the south but not the sombrero out of the girl.

B & H

p.s. we're back on the blogging game now so just love us plz n thx 

p.s.s shout out to the homies that made this weekend a total dream ~you know who u r bbs~ #jupiter