Friday, November 14, 2014

clean enough...what?


Been awhile.

We're really sorry about that.  Kinda. But we've been off living life and occasionally being unattached from social media (HAH.)

But really, just because we're not blogging about it doesn't mean we're not keeping busy.
And by busy I may or may not mean that at least one of us is fully seven seasons into Criminal Minds. But this post isn't about Netflix. Not entirely.

Anyway, the last time we talked, we were telling you all about the grand southern adventure that was
B O N N A R O O.

We talked about being carefree, adventurous, and positive, and the months since we received that degree that is supposedly meant to dictate the rest of our lives have been truly remarkable. There have been the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but all of our experiences came together to form our first summer of freedom. 100% adult. Completely irreplaceable.

to   r e c a p:

-one or more of us may have sold our souls to Corporate America for the foreseeable future.

-one or more of us may have turned 22 and WE'RE FEELING IT ALL YEAR

-one or more of us may have groupied hard and kissed a rock star

-one or more of us may have become a Pinterest celebrity

-one or more of us may have accidentally launched a modeling career

-one or more of us may have gotten accepted to ~**~*~Law School~*~**~.

-one or more of us may have crossed "french kiss a french dude" off of our bucket list. It was awful tbh

-the universe may have known that one or more of us tried gambling for the first time and allowed us to afford the gas back home from Vegas

-one or more of us may have experienced a whole relationship from beginning to end (cue Taylor Swift songs covering all emotional ranges from angry pop to nostalgic ballads idk)

-one or more of us may have decided to take up half-marathon running and is currently training for her first full 26.2 in the spring


-one or more of us had absolutely no idea how many BILLS one could possibly be expected to pay each month.

-one or more of us has absolutely no idea where life will lead in the next year, much less in the next week.

-one or more of us might call our parents crying at least once a week, desperately seeking guidance on how to even.

-one or more of us lost the company halloween costume contest to Where's Waldo and will never not be bitter about it

Calling attention to some of the pitfalls and other experiences may lead one to believe that adulthood is really not all it's cracked up to be (honestly we haven't even figured out how we feel about that yet). 

But what we're really here to talk about this evening are some of the lessons we learned during this whirlwind of a summer.  Some of them might sound cliché, but I mean...clichés become clichés because, by and large, they're true. Even when we don't want to admit it.

-Battling with housing management will always suck.  They'll always try to pull one over on you and extort more money from your already tight wallet.  

Our advice: Make sure they know that your are NOT an idiot and will not be taken advantage of. Keep records, save every email, every receipt, demand confirmation for payment, and keep your cool.  Evidence is key if you want to keep what's yours with these people.


-Some roommates are actually psychotic. You'll learn this lesson when one of them writes down your telephone number as the point of contact for the collections agency. Oh yes.  It happened. Some of them will leave exactly 63 dishes in the sink for 2 weeks, and when you decide you can't take it anymore, you do them all. Do you get a "thank you" or even acknowledgement of appreciation? Of course not.  This is the world we live in. 

Our advice: Save up to rent on your own.  Neither of us are here yet, but we can dream.

-Sometimes it pays to invest in quality basics. Maybe it's just the shopaholic in us speaking, but those black ankle boots from F21 might LOOK just as nice as the ones from Nordstrom (Nordstrom Rack, even!) but the 30 bucks you spent there is going to go exactly a million times less far than the 60 you'll spend on the years of wear you'll get from nicer quality.

That being said, make sure you can pay rent and not starve first. "Priorities" I guess.


-Spend time with people that MATTER, and literally forget about (but still be kind to) the people who are just not worth it anymore. Again, maybe we're just awful people, but trying to please everybody is exhausting and, quite simply, not fulfilling anymore. Leave the quest for popularity to the high schoolers and college freshmen (sorry), and do your best to only invest your energy into the people and activities that make you truly happy.

Sometimes, though, you have to just grit your teeth and go to lunch with that one person who just won't leave you alone. Or not. Do you.


And if most people just exhaust you, that's chill too. I get it. People suck. Take whatever time you need to just be ~over it~ 

*typed as I'm sitting in every stretchy item I own in the T-shirt quilt my mom made me at 9:29 p.m. on a Friday because...nah*.


On a similar note, do NOT fight for people who are not fighting back just as hard.  Easier said than done. Absolutely. Cliché town. Yes. But it is oh so important.


People in general want what's best for you, so sometimes (usually) they'll jump to the extreme.  They'll tell you to break up with him as soon as you have your first disagreement because he's CLEARLY not making you happy enough. They''ll give you all the wrong advice about your career and your lifestyle because they just wants to fix it right away.  

Take all the advice everyone gives you thoughtfully and graciously. Implement some of it. Completely forget the rest. Try. Fail. Try again. Succeed. Maybe fail again. Pray, if that's your thing. Eventually SOMETHING will work out.


The only way to accomplish ANYTHING is to start by doing SOMETHING. As fun as DGAFing is, it's not going to get you that promotion.  Put in the extra hours, wine and dine your boss, do your research, apply for the unrealistic job across the country just for kicks, etc. 

An opportunity not taken is always a "no," but if you just go for it, you're opening yourself up to receiving at least a "maybe," and sometimes a "maybe" is all you need.


Be unapologetically YOU. Let your freak flag fly. "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter" and all that crap.

But if your dude is into Breaking Bad you can totally google what a Heisenberg is.


Network. Network. NETWORK.

("just go on a lot of adventures but also look up your credit score"- Holls, on growing up)


And here are some pictures of us and things:

Back soon maybe,

B x H