Your humble(ish) servants
Homeland: TX
Age: definitely too young to even be considering needing an online dating profile, MOM.
Studies: Business Psychology/Franglais
Fav things: eavesdropping, chicken nuggets, yoga, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Chuck Bass
Worst things ever: Cats, mostly.
Fears: Any physical contact involving mine or anyone else's wrists (wrists in general), crossing the street
Obscure talents: Eye rolling at inappropriate times, being a yet-undiscovered twitter celeb, NOT having thigh gap, quoting Emperor's New Groove word-for-word to perfection from beginning to end
Motivation: I went the practical route as far as my career goes, but I've found life to be essentially pointless without some kind of creative outlet. Though I am deeply fascinated by art, music, photography, theatre, cooking, etc., and have tried my hand (and more or less failed) at all of them, expression through writing has always been my forte. For proof, one need look no further than the dozens of diaries I have filled over the years, which could easily give Mia Thermopolis a run for her money. I'd love to publish a book someday when I've found something I think the world really needs to hear, but in the meantime I'll just continue promoting my own agenda and coercing you all to care about my life here on [clean (enough) laundry].

Homeland: CA
Age: I still fight for the front seat whenever I visit home so.
Studies: Political Science
Things I'm good at: eating a cafe rio burrito in one sitting, hashtags, beyoncé trivia, mario kart, twittering, pointing out sexism #girlpower
Things I'm mediocre at: doing it for the vine, parallel parking
If you'd like to wine & dine me I like: fries, folk music, hikes, Oscar Wilde, Leslie Knope
Motivation: I once took a class that destroyed my confidence in my writing.  That class also helped me grow an incredible amount as a writer but this isn't about that.  In an effort to stick it to the man (self validation) a venue was created where I could express my thoughts without getting graded.  I also have these strange life experiences that have me feeling like I'm living as George Costanza in an alternate universe of Seinfeld.  Balding, overweight, and hesitant to embrace life ~ naturally, this has to be documented.  I mostly want this to serve as an ancient artifact that my great grandchildren can find one day when they dig up a computer and find this.  HA, lewzers.  There's nothing important here (also I love you very much.  Also I do not apologize for the amount of selfies I took while alive).