It's cool. We get it.
We're 95 steps ahead of you.

What ON EARTH does
clean (enough) laundry mean?

Allow us to explain:
this is a blog made 
by basic 20-somethings
for basic 20-somethings
to share things that basic 20-somethings
may (or may not) be interested in.

We're all trying to figure our crap out.
This is where Birdie & Holls, your humble(ish) servants and 
hosts of this fine blog step in.

We know you have a to-do list that's about 30 miles long
So we're here to tell you that
to order a whole large pizza for yourself on a Saturday night.
that you watched 3 whole seasons of It's Always Sunny in the last 24 hours
That you've only worn stretchy pants this week
that you don't know what your six-month plan is, much less what tonight's dinner plan is.
and above all
That it's been six weeks since your last visit to the laundromat.

Leave all the woes of real adulthood (i.e. laundry) to the real grown-ups for 5 minutes
and immerse yourself in a universe online where creativity can roam free,
you can listen to our ever-so-important last word on the important things of life
(like why it's perfectly okay to be afraid of taking baths)
and share your own projects that you've been working on
which have led you to explain time and time again to your mother over the phone:
"Yes mom, I promise. I'm eating (enough) and YES MOM, 
my laundry is clean (enough)."

We're here to help.

Here's what you should expect from our blog: 
Strong-ish opinions
Commentary on current events, social media, etc.
Music covers and original stuff
Writing pieces clearly worthy of the New Yorker (they just don't know it yet)
....and other things. We'll get back to you.

Here's what you should ABSOLUTELY NOT expect:
Makeup tips
Because at any given moment we will not be wearing more makeup than necessary
to keep ourselves from looking like the Walking Dead

The Latest and Greatest from J. Crew and the like
Because enough is enough, blogging world!

Cutesy-crafty DIY how-toes
...we think. We'll get back to you on that one.
We reserve the right to change this description at anytime.


Anyway, hope you're planning to stick around.
Tell your friends or something.
There's a new internet-based, time-sucking vortex in town.

Birdie & Holls